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Maternal Multiple Micronutrient Supplements and Child Cognition: A Randomized Trial in Indonesia

In Under-nutrition on September 1, 2012 at 7:20 am

Elizabeth L. PradoKatherine J. AlcockHusni MuadzMichael T. UllmanAnuraj H. Shankar, for the SUMMIT Study Group

Pediatrics. August 20, 2012


OBJECTIVES: We investigated the relative benefit of maternal multiple micronutrient (MMN) supplementation during pregnancy and until 3 months postpartum compared with iron/folic acid supplementation on child development at preschool age (42 months).

METHODS: We assessed 487 children of mothers who participated in the Supplementation with Multiple Micronutrients Intervention Trial, a cluster-randomized trial in Indonesia, on tests adapted and validated in the local context measuring motor, language, visual attention/spatial, executive, and socioemotional abilities. Analysis was according to intention to treat.

RESULTS: In children of undernourished mothers (mid-upper arm circumference <23.5 cm), a significant benefit of MMNs was observed on motor ability (B = 0.39 [95% confidence interval (CI): 0.08–0.70]; P = .015) and visual attention/spatial ability (B = 0.37 [95% CI: 0.11–0.62]; P = .004). In children of anemic mothers (hemoglobin concentration <110 g/L), a significant benefit of MMNs on visual attention/spatial ability (B = 0.24 [95% CI: 0.02–0.46]; P = .030) was also observed. No robust effects of maternal MMN supplementation were found in any developmental domain over all children.

CONCLUSIONS: When pregnant women are undernourished or anemic, provision of MMN supplements can improve the motor and cognitive abilities of their children up to 3.5 years later, particularly for both motor function and visual attention/spatial ability. Maternal MMN but not iron/folic acid supplementation protected children from the detrimental effects of maternal undernutrition on child motor and cognitive development.

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  1. Ciao Deborah, thanks for your comment.

    It is good for me to know about your specific interests, among the ones included in this blog.

    Although, the daily hits are exponentially increasing, this blog is new and its nature is not conducive for the reader to leave her/is comments. Therefore sometime I navigate using only my own personal compass: my interests on nutrition. While, it is clear: it could be more fun to interact more with the readers, letting them express their saying too…(still trying to understand how).

    Therefore, feel free to signal other studies in this or other relevant areas of nutrition. I can highlight them on the blog. And, if you wish, also referring to the sharing source (you).

    Have a great w.end.

    fil 🙂

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  2. Great to see this research, having long been an avid advocate for focus on maternal -and pre-pregnancy/adolescent- nutrition. Am really enjoying your Blog Filippo -Thanks! 🙂 Deborah

    On Sat, Sep 1, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Nutrition and Food Facts wrote:

    > ** > Filippo Dibari’s blog about Nutrition and Food posted: “Elizabeth L. > Prado, Katherine J. Alcock, Husni Muadz, Michael T. Ullman, Anuraj H. > Shankar, for the SUMMIT Study Group Pediatrics. August 20, 2012 Abstract > OBJECTIVES: We investigated the relative benefit of maternal multiple > micronutrient (M”


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