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Nutrition e-Education – Univ. of Southampton / Fac. of Medicine

In Over-nutrition, Under-nutrition on October 23, 2012 at 7:43 am

From the University of Southampton, Faculty of Medicine


Nutrition Portal is the first eLearning site dedicated to nutrition and public health nutrition learning in the UK. It is hosted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton.

“The Portal has enabled comprehensive training needs analyses to be undertaken with front line public health practitioners for whom nutrition is a component of their work, and discussion between the Department of Health and academics to ensure the courses meet workforce needs.

“The Portal evolved out of the recognition that nutrition is central to health promotion, disease prevention and effective care and is a key element of government policy. Policy, however, can only be effective if the workforce is able to meet the needs and deliver effective nutrition in public health. Current and future health care professionals, be they doctors, nurses, community pharmacists or other health care professionals, must be equipped to deliver consistent and standardised information.

“The eLearning is delivered through interactive, multimedia courses that are validated by key professional bodies. They been developed to train health care professionals in the underlying principles of nutrition and to develop their competency in applying their knowledge to their workplace setting.”

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