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The enriching business of nutrition. Market-based partnerships and regional approaches to nutrition: What role for CAADP?

In Under-nutrition on October 4, 2013 at 8:00 am

from the web site of the European Centre for Development Policy Management.

Byiers, B., Seravesi, S. 2013. ECDPM Discussion Paper 149. Maastricht: ECDPM.


Market-based partnership models are being promoted to address under- nutrition in developing countries. Each partner can play a role in sharing risks, costs and technology bringing a range of direct, indirect and enabling approaches to what is a broad and complex issue. Targeting consumers and producers while aligning the interests of businesses, NGOs, development partners and ultimately citizens, relies on awareness-raising and education around the importance of nutrition. Some business models also require enforcement of nutritional standards and larger, potentially regional markets. Neither the commercial viability of pilot projects nor their impact on those most at need and outside the reach of markets is clear – but pilots remain just that, and perhaps too small scale to draw genuine conclusions. Base of the Pyramid approaches by definition need large markets, while developing countries remain difficult for doing business. A better understanding of the lessons from existing projects addressing nutrition and dialogue among stakeholders on how partnerships can be more effective may help to bring further clarity and support to an approach likely to remain and expand. CAADP offers a framework to maximise the development benefits from these partnership models.
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