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Nutrition — Institute for Health and Consumer Protection – JRC-IHCP, European Commission

In Over-nutrition, Uncategorized on August 20, 2014 at 12:19 pm

From the EU-JRC web site


The European Commission’s Health and Consumer General Directorate (DG SANCO) states on its website that

“in Europe today, 6 of the 7 biggest risk factors for premature death

– blood pressure, cholesterol, Body Mass Index, inadequate fruit and vegetable intake,

physical inactivity and alcohol abuse –

relate to how we eat, drink and move”.

Eating, drinking and physical activity are everyday tasks that are prone to intervention, hence a major challenge is how to promote and implement changes in these activities that will result in a better health population-wide.

In this context, the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP) is providing an expert base of knowledge to tackle nutritional and health issues within the context of EU Health and Consumer Policies.

The Institute’s goal is to provide independent solid scientific advice to European Commission Services, EU Institutions and EU Member States in the field of nutritional science, and particularly in the implementation of the European strategy on nutrition, overweight, and obesity-related health issues.

Scientists at the IHCP are reviewing state-of-the-art scientific developments in nutritional science, and their applicability and relevance for decision making in the areas of public health policy and nutritional recommendations.

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