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Launch of CMAM Report – a global online monitoring and reporting application for CMAM programme

In Under-nutrition on August 27, 2015 at 8:24 pm

  (download doc)

CMAM Report is a comprehensive monitoring and reporting application with a global online data base that can be used to report on and monitor CMAM programmes with any of the following components: Stabilisation Centre (SC), Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP), Targeted Supplementary Feeding Programme (TSFP), MUAC screening, supplies as well as Blanket Supplementary Feeding Programme (BSFP).

Click here to watch a 3 minute introduction to the software.

CMAM Report uses standardised reporting categories and indicators that were developed in close consultation with a steering group formed from the wider nutrition community – UN and leading nutrition agencies. If standardised reporting categories and indicators are applied, it makes data fully comparable between programmes as well as countries and agencies.

Join the CMAM Report webinar: Introduction to CMAM Report’s background, main functions and Q&A

Webinar option 1: 1st Sep 2015 at 2.30-4.30 pm (London time)   Join Lync Meeting

Webinar option 2:  9th Sep 2015 at 2.30-4.30 pm (London time) Join Lync Meeting

Example of reporting categories used in CMAM Report; see all categories here.

CMAM Report calculates unbiased performance indicators in accordance with the latest international standards, e.g. beneficiaries discharged from OTP are reported separately from regular MAM cases when entering TSFP.

The CMAM Report software:

  • Is a web based application with offline capacity for data entry
  • Is Open Source and free to use by all implementers of CMAM programmes: NGOs, UN and governments (license agreement need to be signed to use the software)
  • Can be used on desktop computers, laptops and tablets with any of the following browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • Available in English and French – quick switch on each subpage
  • Gender reporting through all admission and discharge categories – if desired
  • Reporting on 6-23 months and 24-59 months age groups – if desired
  • Grant reporting, stock and stock out tracker, AWG/LOS calculator
  • Creates summary tables and graphs (as PDF,Word, Excel) by feeding site, group of feeding sites, geographical location up to global level, e.g. East Africa or global
  • Raw data export to Excel and on to statistical software
  • Real-time check for data entry mistakes
  • Warning on suboptimal performance per site; check against Sphere standards
  • Hierarchy and approval system from data entry at field level via country level to HQ
  • Access for MoH and UN agenciesto view and analyse data entered by all CMAM implementers in a given country (Country Admin function)

For further resources and more information please visit www.cmamreport.com.

For any questions or to test the software please write to cmamreport@savethechildren.org.uk or request your Demo version logins here.

CMAM Report was developed by Save the Children and is funded by the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF).  See all Acknowledgements.

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