evidence-based blog of Filippo Dibari


Welcome to the blog of a humanitarian nutritionist.

Find here my daily discoveries about nutrition and food. Very often scientific evidence-based. Yummy, whenever possible. Curiosity is a constant.

Your comments are welcome – I am new to blogging, but eager to share.


~ fil ~

Although I am working for the World Food Programme of the UN in Ethiopia.

Still interested? Hover my publications, read the abstract of my PhD, or more simply tell me what you think about this blog.

Note that the contents of this blog do not reflect the opinion of my employer(s) or work collaborators. 

  1. dear Jillian, you are welcome to get in touch: find my email on the contacts page in this same blog: https://nutritionandfoodfacts.com/contact-details/
    Have a lovely week. Fil


  2. Dear Jillian, you can find my email on my contacts here on this blog. Have a lovely day. fil


  3. Welcome to blogging from the Sight and Life team – we look forward to many good reads (and hope you might also read our monthly blog http://www.sightandlife.org/blog.html


    • Thanks Jane – your monthly blog is one of my favorite ones. Thanks for your work. We keep in contact. Closely. Cheers. fil


  4. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could email me?



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