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Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC)/ Simplified Lot Quality Assurance Sampling Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SLEAC) Technical Reference (2012)

In Under-nutrition on May 26, 2013 at 9:07 am

from FANTA web site.

FANTA, in collaboration with Valid International, Action Against Hunger, Concern Worldwide, Tufts University, and Brixton Health, has developed a technical reference guide for two new low-resource coverage assessment methods for evaluating access and coverage of Community-Based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) and other selective feeding programs.

The first method—Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC)—combines routine program monitoring data, an array of qualitative information, and small-sample quantitative surveys. This combination is used to identify key issues affecting timely presentation at a clinic program uptake and provides an estimate of the level of program coverage achieved. SQUEAC can be used in real time, allowing the collected data to be of immediate practical use to adjust program design and implementation.

The second method—Simplified Lot Quality Assurance Sampling Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SLEAC)—is a small-sample quantitative method. The keys features of SLEAC are simplicity, low cost, and versatility. SLEAC can be used to map and estimate coverage over large areas.

The report is available for download in whole or parts. If you have difficulty downloading the PDFs, please send an email to fantamail@fhi360.org with your mailing address and we can send you the files via CD-rom.

PDF icon Download the report [7.09 mb]

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